La Maison Boutique Hotel is located on Cao Bang City, belongs to Cao bang’s old quater complex which is ideal for sightseeing and exploring tourist attractions in the central area.
✓  Only 3 minutes of walking, you will reach the Walking Street Kim Dong.
✓  And a few steps further to the busy neighborhoods of shopping streets.
✓  Therefore, La Maison Boutique Hotel is an excellent choice for your journey in Cao Bang.
✓  The design of La Maison Boutique Hotel is a unique mix between Vietnamese tradition and Western sophistication.
✓   La Maison Boutique Hotel offers a feeling of comfort in a luxurious space, with professional facilities and services which promises to provide guests with a high-class experience right in the heart of the town.
Offering memorable stay and satisfaction to travelers in each service is the mission of La Maison Boutique Hotel!